cookvision is the Lifestyle-brand of the B/R/K Group, which stands for innovative and intelligent products, special design, extraordinary usability and very good quality for a good price in the segment of kitchen and cooking.

  • sizzle – enjoying cooking, just quicker and healthier

    Boiling, pressure-cooking and steaming with a single cooking pot – with the sizzle, cookvision launches a completely new product category which combines intelligent technology, highest quality and unusual design at a reasonable price. The sizzle with its multifunctional ability imparts the versatility of cooking in a fascinating manner.


  • alpha – the modular cooking system

    alpha signifies a revolution in pressure-cooking habits of your customers, and that in the nicest possible way. With the pressure-lid each pot of the series could easily be changed in a pressure cooker. Boiling, pressurecooking, roasting, braising, steaming, defrosting, warming up or preserving – alpha is the ideal partner for all these processes.


  • quick clack pro – more space in professional kitchen

    The new pot and pan system quick clack pro with removable handles can be used flexible, multifunctional and space-saving at home or in the professional kitchen.

  • hexagon – the most robust in its class

    The stainless stell pan and wok series is characterised by exceptionally robust qualities and is therefore excellent for daily use. hexagon has a unique honeycomb structure that prevents scorching and damaging. This guarantees 100% scratch-free usage. Therefore, using metal cooking accessories is not a problem. Not available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


  • fritaclean - Lid and splash guard with odorclean filter

    This lid fits all pots and fry pans with a diameter from 24 to 28 cm.
    The integrated special filter clearly reduces smells to a minimum and it can be replaced easily.
    A further, essential advantage of this lid is that the condensed water during frying and cooking is collected in the silicone lid rim. This makes the fried goods crisp and luscious due to natural toated aromas.