Safety tested - across the world

All over the world, governments prescribe safety tests in legislation concerning pressure cookers. cookvision cookers fulfil all standards such as GS (Germany), UL (USA and Canada), NOM (Mexico), NF (France),ccc (China), SG (Japan), MIc (Korea). In Germany, the Technical Supervision Bureau (TÜV) only makes the GS safety tested award after comprehensive and exhaustive laboratory testing

Material and properties

Why we take such extra-special care with the technology. We want to offer our customers functional kitchen utensils for everyday use.

Materials, properties
Our cookware, pressure cookers, lids and accessories are all manufactured of 18/10 stainless steel (AISI 304) of the highest quality. This steel is resistant to water, steam, humidity, food acidifiers weakly organic and inorganic acids. 18/10 stainless steel is easy to care for and indestructible.

Heat conductivity
Our pressure cookers and bottoms have a forged thermal sandwich base. An aluminium plate is pressed onto the body of the pan with 1,400 tons pressure to exclude all bubbles and encapsulated with a ferritic steel plate. (beside RUBIN)This complicated manufacturing process guarantees an even distribution of heat

over the base of the pan and thus an optimum storage of heat and conductivity (value 220 measured at 200°c ) with fast reaction and cooking times on alltypes of stove and in particular on induction cooking hobs

We offer a three-year guarantee on materials and workmanship and a 20-year availability guarantee for spare parts


Residual pressure lock
The pressure locking device blocks the pressure cooker lid opening mechanism as soon as there is any build-up of pressure, and after cooking the lid cannot be opened again until the steam pressure has escaped completely.

Pressure regulators

B/R/K uses spring-loaded pressure regulators, either continuously adjustable between 107 and 119°c or
2 step regulators. These automatically allow the steam pressure to escape when the preset pressure stage (temperature) is reached.

Safety valves

If pressure rises too high, the safety valve automatically allows steam (pressure) to escape.

Safety windows
The safety window is an additional safety element, which is worked into the lid. If there is excessive pressure in the cooker, the sealing ring forces its way out through this window and the steam can escape.

Level markings
The level markings indicates the minimum and maximum filling levels, depending on what is being cooked, so that when pressure cooking, unintentional overfilling of the cooker can be avoided.

Handles with flame-protection

The large, sturdy plastic handles with flame-protection do not get hot, so that the cooker can always be picked up with them